Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Construct 14342 for Slow Ring, New ISOs Coming Soon

Microsoft has recently made Windows 10 create 14342 available for insiders enrolled in the slow ring too, thus providing them with the newest create previewing the Anniversary Update that will launch in July.

Usually, when Microsoft releases new Windows 10 builds for slow ring insiders, it also publishes new ISOs allowing for a clean install, but in this case, the business states that they would only be released soon, most in all likelihood in just a couple of days.

Windows 10 construct 14342 comes with a plethora of changes, and making it available for insiders in the slow ring is living proof that Microsoft has fixed the majority of issues, and everything is managing more smoothly. That is quite important, given the fact that develop 14342 is the most advanced to date, although some other changes are expected to be released in the coming weeks too.

Microsoft Edge has been significantly improved in this build and comes with extensions released in the store, thus making it easier for everyone to install them. Furthermore, the browser now comes with swipe gesture navigation support, real-time web notifications, and other performance improvements that make it a bit faster and more stable.

Windows Ink is also available in this build, so slow ring insiders finally get the chance to try out this feature on their office 2010 professional plus. Windows Ink allows the use of the operating system with a stylus, and this can be a feature that Microsoft is betting big on with the upcoming Anniversary Update.

There are several other smaller feature improvements too, including a new look for the user Account Control dialog, support for middle-click dismiss possibility in Action Center, apps for websites to launch specific links with installed apps and more.

The new construct can be easily downloaded via Windows Update while ISOs allowing for a clean install are expected to debut soon to provide you with a quicker alternative should you want to quickly deploy 14342.


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