Lenovo Releases BIOS Update to Allow Linux Installation on Windows 10 Devices

Back again in September, complaints that reached the web (and even got verified by a supposed Lenovo official) claimed that installing Linux on a Yoga 900 was impossible due to the fact the operating system was blocked as part of a deal in between Microsoft and Lenovo.

Both Microsoft and Lenovo denied that these an agreement existed, explaining that installing Linux was actually impossible mainly because Windows 10 was functioning on an SSD locked in a very proprietary RAID mode that could only be read by Redmond’s operating process.

And yet, following all this controversy, Lenovo has released a new BIOS update for Yoga 900 that unlocks this proprietary RAID mode and allows the installation of Linux about the device.

“This BIOS creates an AHCI SATA Controller Mode selection to allow for the installation in the Linux running technique. This BIOS is NOT intended for use with equipment jogging a Windows operation strategy,” the official changelog in the new BIOS version reads.

Lenovo verified within the very beginning that installation of Linux on its devices was potential with all the right drivers, although the provider did not say a one point about updates that would be provided for that Yoga 900 Signature Edition.

“To improve strategy performance, Lenovo is leading an industry trend of adopting RAID around the SSDs in certain product configurations. Lenovo does not intentionally block customers using other functioning units on its devices and is fully committed to providing Linux certifications and installation guidance on a wide range of merchandise. Unsupported models will rely on Linux operating method vendors releasing new kernel and drivers to assist features like as RAID on SSD,” the business stated in its original statement.

You can go listed here to download the new Lenovo Yoga 900 BIOS update that tends to make it attainable to install Linux on a Signature Edition laptop, and make certain that you read the many instructions prior to starting the flashing process.


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