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Users Rail Against Windows 10 Bloatware, Want Candy Crush Saga Optional Install

Microsoft announced a few hours ago that Candy Crush Saga could be pre-installed in Windows 10, in a choice that much more or significantly less brings bloatware on the company’s new operating system, and it was just a matter of time till users across the world began expressing their disagreement.

Posts on UserVoice, one of Microsoft’s key feedback platforms, get in touch with for Microsoft to not eliminate Candy Crush Saga from Windows 10, but to create it an optional set up, and as a result give users the energy to pick if they choose to deploy the game or not.

“People will not buy Windows 10 or upgrade to Windows 10 for free if Microsoft pre-installs pre loaded games like Candy Crush for no apparent purpose unless Microsoft allows persons to pick out which preloaded games they wish to have or not,” one of the initially posts reads.

Microsoft hasn’t however explained no matter if Candy Crush Saga would be pre-installed automatically on Windows 10, but if that is the case, count on the amount of posts like this a single to develop significantly in the coming weeks and months.

Fortunately, there still are users who do not mind that Candy Crush Saga will probably be installed in Windows 10 and say that, in spite of this, they’ll nonetheless update towards the new OS since it brings vital improvements with regards to security and performance.

“I only program to move to buy cheap microsoft software to make sure my commitment to maximum cybersecurity and to acquire new functions like continuity and next level user experiences, to not play that game,” Softpedia reader Dancer told us within a comment.

Windows 10 shall be released in July or August, and there still are many things to be clarified about pre-installed games, as we still do not know whether this can be an optional set up or not. Also, it isn’t but clear in the event the identical game is set to become supplied with Windows 10 Mobile as well, which, based on our information and facts, must arrive in October.


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