Microsoft Discontinues UserVoice Windows and Windows Telephone Feedback Sites

Windows 10 is an operating system built with feedback from users across the globe, and in an effort to acquire their suggestions and opinions on the way to improve the software, Microsoft made numerous feedback channels, like dedicated desktop and mobile pages on UserVoice.

But now that Windows 10 is already offered, the firm has decided to offer up on these UserVoice channels and concentrate only around the built-in Windows Feedback apps.

The closure will take spot on November 16, Microsoft reveals, so beginning that date, everybody will need to switch to the Windows 10 Feedback app to send their ideas towards the provider.

In a statement posted on each the Windows and the Windows Phone UserVoice pages, Microsoft says the following:

“Windows Feedback gives all engineers in Windows access towards the total set of raw feedback that customers supply within the tool. For the reason that it really is plugged directly into our engineering method, it not merely tends to make it straightforward for the engineers to seek out user feedback, but additionally tends to make it painless for them to act on it. Windows Feedback also enabled two-way conversations amongst engineers and our more than seven million Windows Insiders. This permits you to find out if your feedback is in our systems, and prepared to be promoted to a function item.”

But though Microsoft wants to concentrate all efforts around the Windows Feedback app, it’s no secret that some people preferred the UserVoice channels, and living proof is none besides the number of votes for the recommendations posted there.

However, Microsoft has much more control more than the ideas that happen to be posted inside the Windows Feedback app, and it might organize the suggestions it received a great deal far more rapidly. Additionally, users can submit a lot more details on the bugs they identified and may even attach screenshots, which obviously makes it less difficult for Microsoft to diagnose the issue and create a repair.

The UserVoice channels are gradually receiving closed, but beginning November 16, they ought to no longer be readily available.


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