Not Every person Wants Windows 10, Extended Skylake Windows 7 Assistance Needed

Help for Skylake processors on Windows 7 and 8.1 will end on July 17, 2017, but Lenovo says that a few of its clients are currently asking the corporation to have in touch with Microsoft and convince them to provide up on this plan.

The reason is as very simple as it may be: not absolutely everyone is willing to move to Windows 10, so Lenovo’s customers who purchased devices powered by Skylake processors desire to continue making use of office 2010 standard beyond this date, but at the same time to also obtain updates.

Adrienne Mueller, North America ThinkPad sales enablement and item manager at Lenovo, explained recently some shoppers “haven’t believed about transition to Windows 10” and that is why they are asking the enterprise to make contact with Microsoft and operate collectively on a brand new end of assistance date for Skylake on these two Windows versions.

“The thought here is the fact that Microsoft is actually just pushing buyers to move to Windows 10. A whole lot of reactions from our shoppers…is can we influence Microsoft and inform them they are not ready to transition and attempt to acquire them to prolong assistance on that? We’ve tried, and Microsoft’s not truly prepared to do that,” she was quoted as saying by Channelnomics.

Clearly, Microsoft wants everyone to move to Windows 10, but Lenovo says that even though that indeed tends to make sense for some, it does not inside the case of customers who never wish to upgrade. Microsoft will continue to help Broadwell and Haswell till 2020, but Lenovo says that supplies here are limited and it’s banking on Skylake at the moment and “that wasn’t in our strategy to continue to carry that.”

“This is really important simply because traditionally, Microsoft has supported their solution for a lot of years, and that is type of a shorter window for shoppers, specifically given that quite a bit of our clients are nonetheless working with Windows 7. They have not even believed about transition to Windows 10,” the Lenovo official continued.

Microsoft’s plan to pull the plug on Skylake on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems is element on the company’s try to bring Windows 10 on 1 billion devices by 2017 and it is rather unlikely to determine the software giant providing up on this. Most likely, the July 2017 date are going to be maintained and everyone will have to move to Windows 10 at some point.


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