Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB3163018 and KB3163017

Microsoft has just released new cumulative updates for Windows 10, and users are highly recommended to download and install them as soon as possible.

As is the case with every single cumulative update, if you install the most recent ones, your pc is brought up to date, as all the previous fixes are included as well.

Within the case of KB3163018 and KB3163017, the focus is on bug fixing and security patching, so you won’t find any new features in here, but generally improved performance need to be noticed after installing them.

KB3163018 is an update specifically aimed at computers running Windows 10 November Update version 1511 and comes with improvements to several apps bundled into the OS, including Internet Explorer 11, Maps, Cortana, Edge browser, and File Explorer.

There are several fixes included for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, including one that caused phones to stop ringing when receiving an incoming call and an SMS alert at the same time.

There are fixes for balloon tip notification matters, for VPN compatibility concerns with some network interfaces, and for location tracking that caused navigation apps to be rather slow.

It’s important to note that this update pushes cheap software on both PC and mobile.

Inside the case of KB3163017, this cumulative update is aimed at PCs that are still on the RTM version released in June 2015, and it includes mostly fixes and improvements for built-in apps.

For example, it brings improved reliability for IE 11, Edge browser, and File Explorer, and better performance when loading pages in IE when roaming profiles are used. Then, there is improved support for special character input for some keyboard languages on the sign in screen, as well as other touches here and there that are supposed to create the OS more stable and reliable.

Just like the other update, it bumps the version number too, this time to 10240.16942.

Both updates can be downloaded via Windows Update, and a reboot is required to complete the install.


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