Opera Releases Security Fixes for Windows XP and Vista Browser Version

Opera is a single of the few browser developers that are nonetheless improving their application on office 2013 professional plus and Vista, as everyone’s shifting focus towards the newest versions of Windows 10, so today the corporation is releasing one other batch of security updates for users who haven’t upgraded just yet.

Opera 36 is definitely the final version of the browser that nevertheless runs on Windows XP and Vista, but Opera has promised to deliver security fixes for users nevertheless utilizing a single of these two operating systems as often as you can, and this really is exactly what is happening today.

The pack of security improvements is usually a backport of fixes that have been introduced in Opera 37, so though XP and Vista users aren’t finding the features that are out there in the newer version, they do get the security patches that assist them stay away from many vulnerabilities in this version.

Customers who are nevertheless running Opera 36 on their computer systems do not have to move a single finger to receive the security patches, and all are shipped automatically by way of the built-in update engine.

“We promised we would continue to concern security updates and crash fixes towards the Opera 36 branch, and this really is our 1st such update with backports of fixes for some security issues that were fixed in Opera 37, based on Chrome 50,” Opera says, pointing out that more than 10 percent of your desktop computer users out there are still running Windows XP, according to third-party information, despite the truth that EOS was reached in April 2014.

But this doesn’t mean that Windows XP and Vista customers should not think of upgrading to a newer version. Opera says that, even though some security fixes are still provided, the newest release of your browser would be the a single that brings each of the benefits, like better security and new features.

“However, we still urge these users of Windows XP and buy cheap microsoft software to switch to an OS that is actively supported so they can enjoy the latest browser versions with more features and better security,” the business concludes.


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