Microsoft CEO Meets Chinese Official One particular Day Following Warning on Trump Tax Plan

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella traveled to China to meet Liu, a senior leader with the Communist Celebration of China, and talk about a series of subjects, which includes solutions to increase collaboration involving the business and also the country.

Nearby media is reporting that Microsoft’s CEO praised the firm’s partnership with China and promised to work with each other together with the country on creating new products.

Liu, who according to CCTV is actually a member from the Standing Committee in the Political Bureau with the CPC Central Committee, mentioned “he hoped Microsoft would share its technologies with China and contribute to cooperation between Chinese and U.S. organizations.”

While it isn’t clear what exactly Microsoft sharing technology with China basically implies, the software giant is clearly playing a crucial function inside the tech partnership involving the United states of america and China, specially now that Donald Trump has been elected the new President from the US.

Moreover, the meeting comes only one day after China issued a warning concerning an import tariff that President Trump may propose based on the promises he produced for the duration of the presidential campaign.

In an work to force American firms invest much more in domestic production, Trump said he would impose a 45 % import tariff on Chinese goods. China, however, warned that really should the new President go for such a rule, the nation would adopt a tit-for-tat approach, preparing similar taxes for US corporations which are carrying out home business within its borders.

Apple was named as 1 from the businesses that will be considerably impacted should Donald Trump go forward with this tax, but there’s no doubt that Microsoft itself would also be hit.

Satya Nadella most likely discussed this matter too, specifically mainly because Microsoft is betting massive on its Chinese operations and it hopes to advantage additional in the neighborhood growth.


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