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Control Panel in Windows 10 to be Transformed into Pc Settings

Control Panel is amongst the attributes that Windows users are most acquainted with but by the looks of it, it seems that it will be ‘”rebranded’ once Windows 10 becomes available. Or, who knows, maybe Microsoft will change its mind until then…”

What you’re seeing above is an early preview build of office 2016 professional plus, and we can see in it that the Manage Panel has been renamed into Computer Settings. Most most likely, it will be replace with?the modern Computer Settings app that has made its way with the release of Windows 8.

The classic Control Panel was in Windows since Windows 3.0, but now it seems that we’ll have to bid it farewell. The button inside This Computer folder has been replaced with Pc Settings, but this could be a temporary thing and it’s not excluded that Microsoft will keep Handle Panel. After all, it’s another feature that desktop customers love.

However, most most likely, the good old?Control Panel will probably be consolidated inside the modern Pc Settings app, and there will probably be some tweaks, as well. What do you think about this?


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