Xbox App for Windows 10 Gets Some Must-Have Features

Microsoft is functioning really hard on bringing cross-platform environment to its customers, and one part of that plan is definitely the Xbox app for Window 10 Technical Preview. It has been released in January, and now one of many updates for this app lastly arrived.

The new update for the Xbox app for Windows 10 has started to rollout last week. Individuals from Xbox said that they’ll try to provide us with updates based on requests on users’ requests and feedback on a monthly basis. We’ve got a few small updates this month, but we’re sure that we’ll get more inside the future.

After the updated, February version in the Xbox app becomes accessible within the Store, you are going to automatically get yours updated. Soon after you update your version on the Xbox app, your quantity should be two.2.1502.02017 or higher, and you are going to be capable of verify your version number under Settings.

Here’s the list of features that have been updated this month:

Best Navigation Bar. The smiley face ?can be used to send feedback about the app to the product team, get access to forums for the Xbox app, and you’ll be able to now rate the Xbox app. Friends. The user experience for Friends has been updated so that you now see Suggested Friends under a Suggestion sheader at the top rated with the Friends list, having a See all button to browse the entire list of VIPs on Xbox and Persons you may Know. Additionally, you can actually now begin typing within the Friends search box to instantly obtain specific friends. Settings. Small fit and finish items were added to the settings page

You are able to test the new Xbox app within Windows 10 Technical Preview and provide the feedback to Microsoft in an effort to get as good final version as possible, so if you would like to get the app by your desire, you should sign up for the Windows Insider Program and start testing.


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